We help schools find staff

The Teacher Network is a recruitment agency that specialises in finding staff for schools in South Africa.  We do not supply schools in other countries with South African teachers (with the occasional exception of ISASA members).
We help schools find teachers for permanent and temporary, full-time and part-time posts as well as other school staff.  Most of our clients are independent schools but we also work for some state schools.  We have clients in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Limpopo Province.
Need a teacher?
If you are a school looking for staff, send us an e-mail, giving the information we need to help you find the right person or phone us.  Please include start and (if appropriate) end date, and whether the post is full-time or part-time. You can find our fees on the Terms of Business page.
If you are a teacher looking for a new post:
e-mail us your CV.  If you haven’t heard from us within three weeks, please re-send it as funny things sometimes happen with email!  Our VACANCIES page gives information about inherent requirements of the vacancies.  The CV MAGIC page has been written especially for teachers, and you may find it helpful. NB Non-South Africans/SA Residents need work permits.  We do not assist you in obtaining these unfortunately.
If you are a teacher looking for a replacement for yourelf:
print out the Terms of Business, and give them to your Principal and suggest that he/she contacts The Teacher Network.
If you really really really want to leave teaching, please send us your CV.
We also have clients in the commercial world who sometimes want to employ ex-teachers.
What does the service cost?
It costs the applicant nothing.  Charging a registration fee is considered unethical by the industry’s professional body, and is usually illegal in terms of The Skills and Development Act 97 of 1998 (Sub-regulation 8A & B) – unless the registration fee is less than R 1 (one Rand).  The school pays a fee which is spelt out in the Terms of Business page of the website.


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